FoxFury LED Headlights Light Up Trails, Protests and Wildfires

FoxFury Fire Fighter Performance LED Helmet Photo

Image via: FoxFury
FoxFury, maker of lights of all shapes and sizes, has just come out with their heavy-duty Fire Figher Rated Headlamp. If you're in the market for a headlamp that is fire resistant, impact resistant and water proof up to 20 feet, then this is the headlamp for you. If you're more in the market for a bike helmet lamp or a new flashlight, don't worry, they have plenty of LED options to light your way.
FoxFury Fire Fighter Performance LED Headlamp Photo
The new firefighter light is brighter with 20 white LED lights and 4 green LED lights, giving it a 62 torch lumen instead of the typical 51. Wearers can also switch between full 100% intensity and partial 40% intensity, depending on what they are doing, as well as us the 90degree Quick Tilt feature to direct the light wherever needed and reduce neck strain. The helmet is rated for structural as well as wildland fire applications and retails for $94.99USD.

Other LED gadgets and gizmos that might be of interest: heavy duty LED flashlights, utility spotlights (both hand held and mountable), and the more serious lights to mount onto riot gear shield and onto weapons. For the bike enthusiast, their LED head lamps can easily adjust between head, helmet and bike mountable in just a matter of seconds. The bike helmet lights are also applicable for speeds up to 25mph.

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