Action-Packed, "LEGO-Style" Transformer Apartment Unfolds in 258 Sq. Ft (Video)

Fair Companies Christian SchallertFair Companies /Screen capture

Transformer-style small spaces come in all shapes and sizes, much like their creators. Though nowhere as extreme as this 78 square foot shoebox apartment in Manhattan, this pared-down, 258 square foot remodelled pigeon loft in Barcelona's hip Born district takes its inspiration from boat design to create a space that has most of its hideaway elements tucked into one wall -- plus a pull-out bed that's hidden under the balcony, of all places. Check out the full tour from Fair Companies:

Definitely a far cry from the original state of the apartment, seen here:

Fair Companies Christian SchallertFair Companies/Screen capture

Spring-loaded doors conceal all the visual clutter, while furniture like tables and the sofa have to be "built" in order to be used, prompting resident and photographer Christian Schallert to quip with a smile that he lives "in an action apartment," while his friend comments that it's very much a "LEGO-style" apartment, where you have to build what you want to use.

Fair Companies Christian SchallertFair Companies /Screen capture

It may not be for everyone, but it's clear that Christian doesn't lack anything, even in this seemingly small space: he's able to have friends over (apparently 40 at one point), there's a toilet tucked behind a door, shower, two sinks (one for the bath and one for the kitchen), storage and a full kitchen that includes a dishwasher.

Fair Companies Christian SchallertFair Companies /Screen capture

Best of all is the gorgeous view from the balcony, and the ingenious stroke of hiding the bed under the balcony. The result is a flexible and efficient space that transforms according to the needs of the inhabitant, and which can be cleared away with the touch of a hand. It's a beautiful space that deftly shows that with a little forethought, living small doesn't necessarily have to mean making huge sacrifices. More over at Fair Companies.

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