FluoroSolar — Bringing the Sunshine Inside


While we encourage, nay, plea for smarter designed buildings that bring their occupants fresh air and natural light, it's a sad fact that many work and live without these core amenities. Where artificial light is provided, say into offices, it is suggested that this contributes up to 20% of that buildings electrical demand. A product due to be commercially available in a couple of years may reduce that energy load. FluoroSolar is a light pipe with a difference. It separates white sunlight into the three spectrums of Red, and Green, using fluorescent dyed plastics (and solar powered LEDs to get Blue as there no appropriate fluorescent blue dyes). These three bands of coloured light are then transported anywhere within a building to be reassembled into the original white light. Achieving an intensity of up to two 75 watt light bulbs. All powered free of fossil fuels. The system can run under floors, through wall cavities, or over ceilings. Unlike current skylight configurations, the FluoroSolar systems is able to provide light without any transference of the Infrared spectrum, meaning no summer heat gain, (nor winter heat loss), hopefully also reducing air conditioning demand. Yet the anticipated cost about the same as a skylight, with less installation work involved. One of the programs scientists at University of Technology, Sydney, suggests the system is "as revolutionary as the filament light bulb was 125 years ago." See a short video to judge for yourselves. ::FluoroSolar.