Flexlight: Innovative LED Lighting


I wrote a long post yesterday about the sven light, which I thought of as a "horseless carriage", an example of trying to make a new technology look like the thing it is replacing. After all, the function of a lampshade was to diffuse the harshness of the glaring point source of an incandescent bulb; surely designers can do better than just recreating a table lamp in LEDs. I deleted it after searching and finding that Mairi covered the lamp already, but mention it today after seeing the Flexlight, designed for FEEK by Jos Kranen. Here, the designer reinvents the light fixture, taking advantage of its low current draw and heat output to simply stick it on the wall. The wiring becomes a decorative element and the light source is exposed for what it is. This is the forerunner of things to come- designs that take advantage of the inherent characteristics of LEDs instead of replicating what we have already. ::FEEK via ::Josh Spear