Flat-Pack for the Flat


Here's a quick and recyclable way to decorate your apartment and you can get it through the mail. Factum furniture is environmental, foldable, and mailable. It is produced using recycled cardboard and printed with a variety of designs. The patterns are diverse: chintz and the periodic table (both pictured), the London Tube system, psychedelic or Christine Keeler. Available as a cube for use as an end table or stool. Or as a chair with an upright back, capable of supporting at least 220 lb. Each one comes packaged in its own suitcase shaped box and unfolds in seconds. If you are short of space, you can fold it away or hang it on the wall using the (optional) display case. Created by a small company, Art Meets Matter, consisting of art school graduates, their philosophy is "we'll carry on exploring any design direction which takes our fancy: explorations unfettered by forecasting, already out-of-date trends and the latest 'in-thing'. Many of our initiatives are unexpected but once they exist often strike the 'obvious' chord we all share lurking in the collective unconscious." :: Art Meets Matter via :: The Independent