Fireorb Hanging Stove

Fireorb gives us the warm fuzzies. UL tested and EPA exempt because it exceeds standards for clean burning, Fireorb, like some other stoves we love, uses a specific ratio between opening and flue and, most importantly, the mid-air position so that the air cleans itself as it passes through various chambers... But from an environmental standpoint, the people behind Fireorb, which is made from spun steel, think the fact that their product uses wood for fuel is equally as important as the fact that it burns it cleanly.

"Most firewood comes from harvesting dead trees. Unlike fossil fuels, there is no net carbon contribution when burning wood, as those same gases are given off when the trees decompose in nature. Thus, burning domestic wood does not contribute to the greenhouse effect," says Fireorb's designer. "Every time wood products are chosen over other materials you are lending your support to one of the most
sustainable industries on Earth." Black powder finish $5800, stainless steel $6900. ::Fireorb [by MO]

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