Firefly Lighting Innovations: Better Than LEDs?


TreeHugger's infatuation with light emitting diodes (LEDs) has been long and diverse; from practical applications like traffic lights in India to whimsical products like LED cufflinks, there isn't much we don't like 'em for. A new company stands to take this kind of technology to another level. Firefly Lighting Innovations is a brand new company that utilizes electroCeramescent technology, also known as "light emitting ceramic device" or LECD. Calling it "the latest breakthrough in solid state lighting technology," LECD boasts many of the same traits as our favored LEDs: very durable, virtually maintenance free and consume extremely low levels of energy; LECD products also do not generate heat, keeping them cool to the touch and the fire danger low. The company's first product to the consumer market is the Firefly Light Tray which creates a soft, non-obtrusive glow and consumes extremely low levels of energy, costing only pennies a year to operate.The light tray can be customized with any company or organization’s logo for advertising, branding, public relations and other awareness campaigns. Firefly also hopes to serve the growing senior population with a safe non-intrusive yet powerful light that can be located almost anywhere in the home, acting as a guide in the dark and in potential emergency situations. Left on for 24 hours a day, the company claims it would last seven years and cost two pennies a year to operate; pretty impressive numbers. We'll keep watching to see if LECD is the next big thing. Thanks to Mike for the tip! ::Firefly Lighting Innovations via ::Carilion Biomedical Institution