Fight Home and Office Ozone: Plant Some of These Greenies

office plants

Photo by PinkMoose, via Flickr.

Plants are not all doom and gloom, like when it comes to volatile organic compounds.

Plants can filter ozone from your indoor air. That's ozone as in smog, a common pollutant floating around in homes and offices, released by copy machines, laser printers and even some indoor air purification systems.

Don't expect an Ozone Action Day alert at your office. The colorless gas has been linked to reduced lung function in humans.

But there are ways to cut ozone in your home and office, by taking in a few plants.

Pennsylvania State University researchers recently conducted a study, looking at what three common house plants --- the snake plant, spider plant and golden pothos --- could do for indoor ozone.

Tests in a simulated indoor environment showed that each of the three plants helped deplete levels of ozone in 38 to 120 minutes.

All three species were equally effective.

The results were published in a recent issue of HortTechnology, a journal of the American Society of Horticultural Science.

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