Fancy and functional little flat by the sea

Harbor Attic by Gosplan Architects
© Anna Positano

The ‘Harbour Attic’ is an apartment designed by Gosplan architects in Camogli, a small seaside village near Genova. The holiday flat began its life as an attic above the old fishermen’s house. The objective of Gosplan’s renovation was to fit two bedrooms, a studio, a living room, kitchen and bathroom into the 35 sq meter (376 sq ft) space.

Gosplan achieves the high level of functionality through ample use of custom cabinetry. There is a small reading area with a bed hidden beneath a cantilevered door; the space is also closable with a curtain. There is a separate master bed lined with built-in cabinetry providing tons of storage. There is a concealed kitchen that masks the fact it’s there when not in use–useful in small rooms that do double and triple duty. There is a tiny sitting nook in one of the windows that looks out at the sea. The living room has a comfy looking built in sofa and a conventional table so the place doesn’t look completely space-age. See and read more about Harbour Attic on LifeEdited

Fancy and functional little flat by the sea
Little Italian seaside holiday flat proves that fancy and functional are far from mutually exclusive.

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