EuroLite Signatures: Glen Hunter LED Lights


The other day when writing about hemp-baled houses, we happened across the blog of Glen Hunter. He, and his family, live in a strawbale house off-the-grid. And and as such are very conscious of their energy load, including lights. Glen was looking for some LED lights to reduce their power consumption even further. Not finding any to suit his needs, he gathered some parts together and designed his own. Showing his handiwork to Eurolite, where he’d obtained the bits from, they offered to sell three models under their Signature Series. The Borealis models have acrylic surrounds, holding just four 1W light emitting diodes (LEDs). They send useful light downward, whilst shining through the blue sides for added atmosphere. Available through Eurolite, whom we last noted as suppliers to the BlueSkyMod prefab cabin. ::Eurolite, via The Strawhouse Blog.