Escalante bamboo speakers

Have you ever thought of something like 'ecological sound' ? Well if you're a serious treehugger you've probably already read about Escalante eco effective speakers. Well it's good and unusual enough for a sound company to try to use best materials and promote environmental business trips...But for Escalante that's not enough : yes even in the jungle of environmental friendly materials, some are better than others. And bamboo is definitely one of the most versatiles while eco efficient : its quick growth means it's highly renewable, and its usages go beyond the usual applications for wood products : bamboo can be used as textile too, or product finish.

Available as subwoofer or two-way reference mini-monitor, Escalante bamboo finished products have the same quality as other designs. Does the added value of the bamboo finish go beyond aesthetics ? We have not had the pleasure to test our best LPs on them but we'll bet that bamboo resonance properties will not remain unnoticed...