"Epoch Making" Solar Collection System

No, that is not an anti-missile system, it is a Himawari High Capacity Sunlight Collector. This connects to a fiber optic network and provides daylight to up to 33 fixtures inside, for "Rooms facing north, bathrooms, windowless rooms, basement spaces, or courtyards" and for "Indoor plant cultivation- The "HIMAWARI" system makes it possible to grow or to maintain plants by transmitting sunlight inside." and even "Healthy sunbathing in interior rooms-"HIMAWARI" sunbathing can be enjoyed indoors, so it's appropriate for handicapped and elderly people." We would make the case that a sun-tracking system this elaborate is a bit of overkill, and that with good design and planning people can have windows and get a view as well as light. Might be good for grow-ops, though. ::Himawari via ::Red Ferret