EON ice light: Iain Sinclair's latest torch

Yesterday I saw this cute little pocket light displayed on the cash desk in my favourite paper shop. Reading ‘ecológico’ on its display box in big green letters I decided to have a closer look. I liked the EON ice light’s slick design in credit card size and the ultra bright blue light the LEDs emitted when gently pushing the snap dome. But a bit suspicious about the eco-friendliness of this fine design, I asked the shopkeeper how this is eco. She didn’t really know and mentioned something about using little energy. I then checked it out on the internet and indeed its 2 LEDs use very little energy and there are ‘no bulbs to blow, no batteries to change’.(I also noticed that it doesn’t claim to be ecological anywhere online but only in the shop it seems) Hmm…so it uses way less energy than other torches, doesn’t need batteries and you might never have to buy another one but the fact that the lithium dry cells are non-replaceable doesn’t make it that green either, even if they last 5-10 years. A shame this neat design doesn’t go that little bit further and closes the loop instead of now being thrown away (not recycled, not recharged) at the end of its life. But I guess it’s a step into the right direction compared to the average torch, by using less material, making it energy efficient, eliminating the use of light bulbs and batteries and giving it a relatively long life by making it ‘shockproof, crushproof, waterproof and idiotproof’. Plus it comes in 5 different colours and only costs $14/€10/£7. The designer is Iain Sinclair whose Flashcard is an award winning multi-million selling flashlight as well as the world’s thinnest torch ::EON ice light
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