Enlightenment Environmental Design

bed EED.jpg
The gorgeous furniture from Enlightenment Environmental Design, such as the Baum bed seen here, are made from naturally felled trees, discarded lumber and even donated wood whenever possible. And by mid-2005, EED will have transitioned exclusively to sustainable woods and plywoods. The group also prefer to use basic beeswax and tung oil finishes, to keep things clean. Lighting, which is interestingly incorporated into several pieces,... is also green, with transformers that are very low draw, can fit in the palm of your hand, and is rated to last ten years, "but easily last 20," according to John Willke, EED's head honcho. "We also consider our work sustainable from other standpoints in how we view what we do including socially and spiritually." ::Enlightenment Environmental Design [by MO]

eed shelves.jpg