Engineered Pulp Used To Make Cheap, Light, Green Coffin


Credit: DanCof

DanCof (The Green Way To Heaven) writes that about 36 million coffins are produced every year. That is a lot of chipboard at the low end and fancy woods at the high end, just to bury someone in. Hazel at Inhabitat writes that "Bendt Stov's innovative coffins will allow the environmentally conscious to carry their green credentials into the afterlife."


It is made of long recycled fibre (really, just pulp), moulded in a complicated form that gives it the rigidity and strength required to hold the customer. It even has built in handles.


Different religions and societies have different habits, so it has a fold in the middle to accommodate Muslims, who evidently lay on their sides. One can also add ornaments. "such as a cross to a Christian person, an anchor for a sailor, hammer and sickle to a communist"

More at Inhabitat or download PDF from DanCof
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