Energy-Efficient Lamp by Lucesco

This lamp is retro—yet still energy efficient. Designed by Sven Adolph for Lucesco Lighting, the spun aluminum Sven illuminates with 40 energy-efficient warm white LEDs, and employs only 22 watts of power. That’s about one-third of the power used by the average lamp. Ah but what about the heat, you say. The LEDs are arranged in a circle, a design trick that prevents it from becoming a furnace. Another perk? A nifty little red light stays on even when the light is off—ending all that stumbling in the dark. Other mod colors include white and black. In 2007, the Palo Alto, CA-based firm plans to launch four additional styles: Floor-standing, ceiling, and two lanterns. ::Lucesco

Photo courtesy of Metropolis Magazine/Evelyn Dilworth.

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