Elephant Dung Paper and Paper-Products

Mr Wanchai walks by natural paper company, notices how simple a process paper-making is. Later, takes trip to Thai Elephant Conservation Center and notices big piles of elephant crap. Thinks to himself "That stuff is pretty fibrous!". Brings crap home to wife. Borrows her food processor and over time figgers out how to make paper and a host of other paper-based products.How does this help the elephants and community? "We collect the dung of elephants, we turn it into paper and then products. We then sell the paper and return profits to feeding and caring for the elephants. In addition we provide many jobs to relatives of elephant keepers and low-income families." Very TreeHugger.

How about a few fun elephant crap and paper facts?
-200-250 kg of food/day translates to 50kg of elephant crap/day
-50 kg is enough to make 115 sheets of paper
-In other words, an elephant shits a sheaf a week
-No chlorine used
-100% bacteria free, no smell
-If you measure the temp of a recent e-crap, it's a
reliable way to measure the elephant's temp within one degree

For stores in North America, Australia and Europe, look here.

[via FutureFeeder, via Core 77]


Not bad looking CD package.


Stationary a la elephant-crap.


Actually drawn by an elephant! Who knew?


An elephant-dung drawing tube.