Electrified Computerized Cradle Rocks Your Baby To Sleep

electric rocker photo

In our tireless quest to burn coal and waste electricity in new ways, we offer the Suima electric cradle. For $4,255 you get a unit that has a microphone that detects crying noises. Tokyo Mango reports that " It's programmed to start with a quick-paced rocking, then slowly settles into the pace of the mom's heartbeat; and eventually, it rocks slower and slower to a more sleep-inducing pace. If all goes according to plan, the baby should be asleep again within 15 minutes."

rocker-bedroom image

At least they show the thing being used in the master bedroom; I would hate to think of some baby off in a room with an electronic cradle doing the baby-sitting. To their credit, they also rent the thing for a hundred bucks a month. Suima via TokyoMango and Red Ferret
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