Ecoware by Tom Dixon

We found this homeware set from British designer, Tom Dixon, a tad confusing. Apparently it is made of a bio-degradable plastic from bamboo fibre. Yet, it appears the binder is Polyamide (nylon), a robust petrochemical plastic not renowned for its compostable qualities. What happens to the polyamide when the bamboo content degrades is not revealed. Still the pieces are quite intriguing, especially the cup with the support fins -- see another pic in extended post. (Reminds us of those controversial LED spotlights). Ecoware is supposedly dishwasher safe and have a ‘reasonable life of 5 years.’ £14.95 (€20) for a set of 4 cups or £69 (€90) for the foursome as shown here. ::Tom Dixon [by WM]

Dagoba in your bamboo, Sir?"