EcoLinen — Well, It's Cotton Actually

In this case 'linen' refers to bedding textiles, not the fibre derived from flax. Ecolinen is a Australian-based collection of sheets, pillow cases and doona/duvet/quilt covers made from handpicked, SKAL certified organic cotton. (Just the thing for fitting to your Omni organic cotton futon.) Whites are obtained through a process of Öko-Tex approved active oxygen treatment. The colours are similarly Öko-Tex certified, and claimed to be the "safest colours available." Ecolinen have strived to avoid the formaldehydes and heavy metal dyes commonly found in conventional cotton. Apparently it takes "about 500 grams [18 oz] of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to grow the cotton needed to make just one sheet." They suggest that such chemical accumulation is not only detrimental to the environment, but also to human skin. A story is quoted of a test one can do to experience this first hand - "rub a clove of garlic on the sole of your foot, the odour can be detected on your breath within 10 - 20 minutes." See their bedding range at ::EcoLinen