Eco Reminders; Wall Stickers with a Poetic Message Help You Get Rid of Bad Habits (Photos)

hu2 hamster fixed gear wall sticker co2 photo

Hu2 wall stickers

Stickers can be fun, but how eco-friendly is this new craze for decorating walls? We have found two brands that claim their vinyls to be eco-chic, and some even come with decorative eco-reminders; very clever! Hu2 in the UK has just launched the first Flat Sharing Rules wall stickers that don't just help keeping everybody sane, but also saving energy and water.

hu2 flat share shower timer sticker photo

Hu2 wall stickers

A shower sand timer let's everybody in a flatshare know the appropriate time to shower (4 min), in order not to block the bathroom for too long, and, to save water and hence reduce the bill. All of Hu2's stickers are made from a PVC-Free self-adhesive which is a bio material, completely free of chlorine and plasticizers. The British company started off on Brick Lane in London, but has since expanded to Soho in New York. All their story-telling wall stickers are however still made in the UK.

hu2 save an animal sticker photo

Hu2 wall stickers

Hu2 is a member of the WWF UK and commited to raising funds to fight for the protection of endangered species. For every Save an Animal sticker sold, £5 are being given to charity. Wall stickers are thin and easy to ship but they require the same amount of packaging as the size of the product. Hu2 are using FSC recycled paper, printed with vegetable ink. Becasue of all their effords to mnimise the environmental impact of their products as much as possible, Hu2 has been nominated for the TreeHugger Best Of Green Award 2010 in the 'Best Industrial Design Idea'.

hu2 eco reminder wall sticker photo

Hu2 wall stickers

My favourite however are the Eco-Reminders. Fun but serious stickers that decorate your switches remind you of where your energy comes from, or should come from. Definitely check out the hamster mills and generators; if those don't make you use less, what does?

hommu wall stickers photo

hommu wall stickers

In Spain, the company hommu offers similar products. To them, quality, ecology and creativity matter and their stickers send very positive and happy messages. The Barcelona-based company claims that they only work with suppliers who manufacture according to the criteria of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Hommu wall stickers and packaging are long-lasting, and 100% recyclable at the end of their lives. It would be nice to have more information (such as what material the stickers are made from and where they can be recycled) but for now, I believe they are on the right track.

Hu2 hommu

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