Eco Chair and Vuw Stool from Voxia


We covered some of Voxia's other furniture back when TreeHugger was but a shrub; the Oto chair and NXT chair are straight-up TreeHugger classics. Sexy design, sustainable materials and manufacturing -- it doesn't get much better than that, so we're glad to find more from Voxia. The Eco chair (left) and Vuw stool (right) are both made from bent birch plywood sourced from sustainably-managed forests near the production plant, which is rotary cut into peeled veneer, so as to use the whole tree trunk. Because they're made by pressure-bending the wood, they use about 1/8th the wood of conventional furniture, and they're both stackable, thanks to their smart design. Voxia is eco-cool, all the way around. ::Voxia, available at ::Futureproof/ed via ::Fabulously Green