Do It Yourself Solar Lighting From Baker Environmental


Testing the water with one's toe is the only sure way to know how fine the water really is. For those who are intrigued with solar photovoltaic systems but not ready dive in with a large investment, a DIY kit might be just the 'toe in' to provide some personal encouragement. A garage kit is a nice first project because if one did later choose to make the whole-house plunge, it would not have to duplicate what's in the car port. We're featuring an example from Baker Environmental, a UK firm, mostly because we liked their simple web site that had a real "man's garage' pictured instead of one of those sissy garages in a picture perfect Mega-Mansion. Also, it was nice that they offered an 'everything-you-need' kit which does not require a solar-geek friend to assist with installation. Priced at £229.00. Delivery approx. £10 for UK mainland. Next up, we're looking for an on-line retailer who'll offer wardrobe assistance for solar geeks with no idea how to pick a coordinated outfit!


Above: the everything you'll need "Bakerlight-3 Kit" in a box.

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