Disposing of Dim Bulbs

Treehugger loves compact fluorescent bulbs: they use very little energy, give off very little waste heat (those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying being able to leave the lights on in the summer swelter), and last for years. Like all fluorescents, CFs contain mercury and shouldn't be tossed in the trash when their day is done. That's where LampRecycle comes in. The site, developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, provides extensive information on recycling facilities and regulations across the U.S., plus links to relevant EPA pages. (While you're there, check the battery recycling information. It may not be compulsory yet, but it's a good idea.) LampRecycle was originally designed for businesses, but we suspect their Recycling Household Lamps page is going to start seeing a lot of traffic as more and more households make the switch. ::LampRecycle. See also: ::What About Mercury From Compact Fluorescents?