Dio LED Path & Park Lights

The Dio is said to be a socially and ecologically responsible light. Not entirely sure of the social aspect, but the eco side of things seems to come from its use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Now, apparently the Dio packages up a bank of LEDs with some new technology to get enough lumens out that they provide illumination for pathways and parks, equivalent to moonlight. Maybe that should be marslight, because in their standard configuration it's an orangey glow, as seen here. Each light, we read, operates at "80% less power than a conventional globe. This saves approximately 7000 litres of oil per light per year." One of their other selling points is that they reduce light spill, i.e, that wasted light escaping into the night sky above city streets, that gives those fascinating satellite photos, you use to see in National Geographic, but is otherwise lost energy. ::Dio Park Lights