Designer Lives and Works in 271 Square Foot Brooklyn Apartment

SPACEStv, an interesting YouTube TV network, serves up product designer Daniel LiCalzi's 271 square foot live/work apartment in Brooklyn. His inspiration:

I designed and built “the loft” inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson. Now I feel like I really do live in a treehouse. It has quadrupled the usable space in my apartment. I now have stairs that float and hold some of my books. All the stereo equipment is hidden way in the 30 cubic feet of built-in storage space in the unit that is still half empty. Every part of the design has two functions: platform and storage; headboard and magnetic key rack; stairs and bookshelf, etc. Installing the loft created a whole new space to furnish below.

There really is a place for everything, and for a guy who says he hates cleaning, it looks pretty shipshape. Hanging the loft bed from the ceiling is a nice touch; there are no posts to bonk into.

I also like the bookcase stair. It is all done on the cheap, Daniel says "Funding this project was the hardest part."

Measuring lamp© Daniel LiCalzi

LiCalzi displays a few of his designs in the unit; I am not so sure about his astroturf air conditioner cover (why not make it an herb garden with real plants?) but love the Measuring light.

The Measuring Light is a pendant lamp made of coiled measuring tape. Hand spiraled around the bobbin, the ticks of the measuring tape transform from functional tool to graphic pattern. With centimeters on one side and inches on the other, utility elides into the contrast of opposing visual values. The bobbin duals as the lamp’s ventilation system as well as a structural element. Now the important question is at hand: Are you an inches or a centimeter person? The Measuring Light is available in two versions: centimeters or inches facing outward.

Those of us who don't live in Liberia, Burma or the USA truly appreciate the metric option.

Designer Lives and Works in 271 Square Foot Brooklyn Apartment
It's based on Disneyland's Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Really.

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