Design Graduates 2005 — Much kneaded objects

Do ever get fed up of the transience of your baked products? You know how you buy a loaf of bread and after a day or two its been eaten and then you gotta go buy another one! Even worse is the sandwich or donut which is gone in just a few minutes or even seconds for some! Well how’s this for an idea - make your own bread and keep it – don’t eat it – sit on it! The young British designer, Toby Hadden has been getting his hands dirty in the kitchen to come up with various recipes for baking your own household objects such as bread stools and pastry lampshades. Take the normal ingredients for bread making, throw in a few extra inedible strengtheners, such as sawdust and PVA glue, mix it all together, knead, let it rise, put in a hot oven and soon… hey presto your loaf is ready to sit on! Well it might need to cool down a bit first before you burn your bum! The lampshade is created using a large bowl, as a mold, over which you lay the rolled out dough, decorate in your own inimitable way, pop it in the oven and remove when its reached your desired colour – I am sure for the less timely amongst us, burnt is a good colour! When your new ‘Bake-A-Lite’ is cool you can paint it with a water based varnish to preserve it. The aesthetics of these ‘Much Kneaded Objects’ epitomise the terms organic and wholesome. Here at Treehugger we are all for equal opportunities in the domestic kitchen, as long as the food is edible! But clearly this is the exception and just shows what can be achieved when a man is let loose in the kitchen without a recipe book or instructions! He ends up making furniture not food. But then you know you can’t always have your cake and eat it! ::Toby Hadden [Leonora & Petz]