DayRay: Flexible Daylighting


If we are going to design interior spaces without windows, systems that bring in natural light can be a big help. We have shown the European Parans system before, but now DayRay of Australia is offering a system "made up of flexible polymer light fibres that carry daylight to the inner core of a building. The discrete collectors can sit anywhere on an external wall or on a roof, and will capture light, even on cloudy days. DayRay™ collectors work without having to track the sun and are effective wherever there is a source of natural light available."


The site doesn't give much information; these are the only two photographs that show anything but flowers and smiling children, and we don't even know what these things are, probably the two ends of the pipe. Press release from launch says first units will be installed in September.

They suggest that it works in retrofits as well as new construction, with lots of benefits:

* + The ability to daylight the inner core of a building, replacing electric lights
* + No heat loss/gain thereby reducing heat load on the building
* + Multiple compact light fittings can be ceiling, wall or floor mounted
* + No need for structural alterations
* + Easy installation
* + Fixed interior output pattern allows easy integration of artificial lighting where required
* + Cost effective

We hope that there is more information soon, this could be useful! ::DayRay via ::Your abode environmentally

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