David Brunicardi Furniture

Based in San Francisco, David Brunicardi Furniture produces suave, hand-made pieces that are as versatile as they are functional. According to their website, almost all of their work utilizes a high quality sustainable or "rediscovered" wood. Their Sande Wave Coffee Table takes its inspiration from the flow of water, which creates a nice little space for books, magazines, remotes, cd's and anything else that usually lives on or around your coffee table. It is part of a new line, Sande, which utilizes sustainable hardwood from Equador.
Also from the Sande line, the "Mag" Table is equally happy as either a bench or a coffee table, complete with a unique storage space for magazines and other coffee table fare. Like the rest of the furniture in this collection, this snazzy table is made by hand and made to order; lead time is typically anywhere from four to eight weeks from start to finish.

Equally unique are the products from the "Swamp Thing" line. The wood is "rediscovered," as they put it, from a 200+ year-old stand of over 1000 trees in a wet, swampy forest in the southern U.S. that was blown over in a storm in 1998. The wood is SmartWood-certified, and each table is made unique by the natural imperfections, like knots, worm holes, pitch pockets, spalting, etc., that are left intact. There is also a cocktail table and breakfast table in the collection, and each is available in poplar, maple or ash. There's a lot more to see, including more furniture for sitting, sleeping and storage, over at their website. David Brunicardi Furniture

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