David Bergman Fibonacci Lights

Fire & Water’s Fibonacci ceiling, wall, and table lamps aren't just good looking, they walk the talk. Made from sustainably-harvested veneers in bamboo, maple, and anigre with process chlorine free (PCF) vellum, and steel, these enlightened lamps are also uplifting. They also use a 26-watt, dimmable CFL bulb with a replaceable ballast... But architect-designer David Bergman takes it several steps further. Almost all finishes, including that of Fibonacci, he uses are low-VOC and his designs are easily end-use recyclable. Despite the delicate nature of light fixtures, they minimize packaging, using recycled and biodegradable products whenever possible. On top of all this, Fire & Water prints catalogs on-demand in their offices with non-toxic inks and responsible paper, thus minimizing back-stock and waste.

Besides, as math nerds, we can’t resist a product named after a mathematical series. Math rules! $600-700 ::Fire & Water