Dalum Papir, one print ahead


North Europe countries are known to be among the most advanced in terms of environmental practise. It should not be a surprise that Natural Home & Garden Magazine chose to print their magazine on Cyclus paper from Odense-based Dalum Papir company (Denmark).Their key product, Cyclus Print, has been awarded Germany’s Blue Angel Certificate, which denotes 100 percent recycled stock with no use of optical bleaching agents. Cyclus is made from recycled fibres from post-consumer waste paper in the form of either office or printing waste. Cleaning, de-inking and whitening use hydrogen peroxide, and even the factory wastes are biological and as such can be used as fertilizer on agricultural lands.

However, efficient environmental policy can not be sustainable without a good business plan : with a global presence and offices on all continents, Dalum Papir has the ability to deliver quantities of their friendly paper all around the world. That's definitely a guarantee of long term involvment in the replacement of tree fiber by materials that have lower impact in the process of providing our society with its daily dose of paper.

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