Croco Rattan by Paola Navone

When somebody says "rattan" our left eye begins to twitch. Sure it's a great fast-growing, renewable resource. Sure, it's plantation grown so no rainforest is harmed in producing it. Sure, weave-type production methods end up with less waste than solid wood, and the waste is easy to re-purpose. And sure, it's durable, beautiful, and comfortable. But we've seen too many college-kid papasan chairs, and cheap trays made of the stuff not to have just a little internal terror.
Until now...Paolo Navone gives rattan a new life with his Croco line of modern furniture. Forget those old forms with bulgy corners and errant strands of rattan fiber sticking out; These tables, chairs, sofas, and stools are sophisticated, clean-lined, and sharp enough to stand up to any Eames lounger or Noguchi table. And being made of such tough stuff, they're sure to give you years of comfortable sitting.
:: Paolo Navone's Croco at Architonic [by DM]