Cricket Table from Folditure Folds Flat In Seconds

Alexander Gendell showed his amazing Folditure Chair at ICFF in New York earlier this year; Now he has introduced the Cricket, a matching table. It also folds up in seconds to a very flat 3/4 of an inch thickness. You can then hang it in your closet. If you need more room, you can clip a few of them together. Gendell explains in a press release:

The Cricket is a new kind of table where it’s there when you need it and gone when you don't. Folditure is all about creating new space-saving solutions yet to be envisioned. The chair seemed like a logical place to start and the Cricket is a logical progression of our design philosophy.

Gendell points out the reason this kind of thinking is so important, and why we devote so many pixels to what we call Transformer Furniture.

With the rise of world population, living space is becoming valuable for everyone. Urbanization and the need for flexibility are increasing demand for effortless space-saving design. Folditure addresses this need by infusing its architectural design values, functions and aesthetics into the Cricket to create a high quality, high performance and flexible folding table.

I found the Folditure chairs ingenious, but the appearance takes a bit of getting used to. That's not an issue with this table; the base is quite elegant. More at Folditure.

Cricket Table from Folditure Folds Flat In Seconds
Add Folditure chairs, and you have an entire dining room suite takes up the space of a coat in your closet

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