CREE LED's: As Efficient as Flourescent


LED's are TreeHugger darlings, but have lagged behind flourescents and HID's (High Intensity Discharge) in efficiency. Now CREE has developed LED's that pump out up to 160 lumens at up to 85 lumens per watt, making them as efficient as the best flourescent lights around. "Cree LEDs are achieving efficacy levels formerly delivered only by the most efficient traditional lighting sources, including fluorescent bulbs. We have established a new class of LED performance," notes Mike Dunn, Cree general manager. They still cost a lot more than the Halide or fluorescent fixtures they replace, but since they last six times as long, the replacement costs are significantly reduced in applications such as streetlights where it costs a lot to get a cherry picker up there to change the bulb. Costs will drop and our CFL's will join incandescents as distant memories. ::Business 2.0

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