Corrugated Cardboard Goes Wild


This has to be one of the most beautiful tables at the London Design Festival. Giles Miller brings elegance to humble cardboard. Miller had the idea to do what he calls "fluting"--alternating the angles in the corrugation of the cardboard so that it produces different shading and decorative patterns. The surfaces have texture and depth, and almost look like flocked wallpaper.

There are also three-panelled screens, created using the same process, that are about 8 feet high and suitable as a room divider. This work is being shown as part of Design UK at Liberty. However he also has a "Pool" chair at re(design) 06, the sustainable design exhibition. This is a rocking chair which explores the structural properties of corrugated board. He also makes laptop cases from old carpets and fluted board. All of the work is focussed on using recycled and natural materials. These get my treehugger nomination as a highlight of the London Design Festival.

:: Farmdesigns

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