Corn-based Pens

There's been a lot of talk about PLA (Polylactide) or polymers derived from the lactic acid of fermented cornstarch. The great thing about PLA is that it's a versatile plastic, made from a renewable resource, even if in some cases it could have a genetically modified heritage. We’ve mentioned all sorts of PLA products coming to market, from packaging to clothing. But one of the original pioneering products in this realm was the humble office pen. I know one store who had trouble stocking such things, because, they reckoned, ravenous cockroaches fancied them and nibbled bits off overnight. Urban myth maybe? Find out for yourself, with one of these $2 USD pens. Just remember, after its useful life, to put the outer casing in your compost or garden, so the micro-organisms in the soil can make it truly biodegradable. From ::United Elements Company