Cooler Than A Cubicle: The Clipper, a Cockpit Style Worstation

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Alex at Shedworking reminds us of the Clipper CS1, a sort of office shed for CAD workers of the early nineties. The normal office environment didn't work very well for CAD monitors because of all the reflections in the screens, so Canadian designer Douglas Ball and Jeff Sokalski developed the CS1. I wanted one.

It was designed to resemble an airplane cockpit with everything in reach of the user, Sokalski says:

The seat, back and foot rests all adjust to allow for an exact custom fit to a wide range of body sizes. There is a break incorporated into the seat that allows the user to position themselves perfectly in relation to the computer monitor. Air and sound control is also taken into consideration.


Douglas Ball

Ball says on his site:

In all the years I used the original capsule and then the Clipper I never once thought of it as a desk or workstation that was shackled to the floor by gravity.

It was more like my own little space vehicle, It was something that could transport you and occasionally did. Monday mornings were always the best when you powered up the capsule, turned on the lights, and settled back for a five day journey.


I still want one.

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