Cool Lamps Made Of Coffee Cups, Spoons & Filters By Christian DuCharme

Photos: Christian Ducharme via CollabCubed

On display at New York City's Lafayette Espresso Bar + Market is a lighting design that coffee junkies will no doubt appreciate. Created by Swiss designer Christian DuCharme, this custom-made lamp was made with 300 of NYC's iconic "It's Our Pleasure To Serve You" coffee cups, sliced into triangles layered over one another, as seen close-up:


He's also made two other terrific coffee-themed lamps out of filters and spoons, seen below:


These cool lamps almost look like armored invertebrates of some sort. But we wonder if these lamps were crafted by reusing coffee cups and spoons, rather than new ones. (The coffee filters look new, however.) Nevertheless, these trendy-looking lamps offer fresh ideas for DIYers who might be thinking of crafting unique lamps of their own.

For our tree-hugging, coffee- and tea-loving readers, check out our links here to see why porcelain is greener than paper cups, and how to green your coffee and tea.

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