Comparing CFLs: Any Other Bright Ideas?


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You gotta love the New York Times for looking at both sides of a story, at how people justify their actions, or lack thereof. Julie Scelfo writes about one: "I want to use fluorescents, I try to live as green as possible. I telecommute, I recycle, I try to group all my errands together so I don't have to needlessly burn extra gas." But in her experience, compact fluorescents make her house look "dark, cloudy and cavelike." The bulbs do not emit a "warm, comforting, inviting feeling," she said. "Your home is your sanctuary," she said. "It's where you live and recharge, and it nurtures you."

They then do a careful comparison of many of the CFL and other new bulbs and find many are awful, and that some are almost acceptable in colour and tone. None are perfect.


The Heuser family switched. "No, the light quality isn't ideal, and in some you can hear a slight buzzing,'' he said. "But I will have a hard time telling my children that I didn't do much to alleviate climate change because of aesthetics." photo Jenny Warberg

Tom Dixon, the British furniture and lighting designer, believes the main problem with compact fluorescents is simply a distaste for change. "I'm sure there were the same arguments when gas lighting replaced candles," he said. "The light's quality is very different, and it's going to take people some time to adjust to that."

All the bulbs in the home of Richard Sapper, the designer of the Tizio lamp, are compact fluorescent, and he is realistic about facing the change. "My wife is very aware of environmental problems," he explained, and "she doesn't give me a choice."

He wasn't enthusiastic at first. Even now, he said, "I prefer traditional incandescent light. But you get used to it." ::New York Times

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Table entitled "Maybe they're better for the planet, but how will the den look?

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