'Comfortable Contemporary': Upcycled Furniture from Think Contemporary

Images: Think Contemporary

Surely you've gotten the urge at least once -- passing by an anonymous pile of discarded furniture pieces curbside, you feel a compulsion to rescue some forlorn credenza from landfill purgatory and to make it something 'new' and beautiful again. Dublin-based interior design company Think Contemporary seems to have heeded the call, launching a line of upcycled furniture that appears to have found its own unique voice.


From the ultra-modern to a funkier, retro-inspired eclectic, owners Joanne Kelly and Anthony Buggy have been doing a range of interiors for some time before deciding to expand to furniture design. Using paint and vinyl, their new collection seems to strike a healthy balance between clean lines and bold graphics and colours. It's an approach that underlies their response to the question: "But isn't contemporary style stark and cold?" Their answer:

No, not at all. We think of our style of interior design as 'comfortable contemporary'. We like to make rooms vibrant, beautiful and exciting but we also keep in mind that people actually live in these rooms and thats where the comfortable part comes in.

Indeed, adding a bit of creature comfort may be exactly what contemporary needs. Think Contemporary's upcycled collection will be available mid-October on their website.


Think Contemporary via Design Milk
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