Colorful, Comfy Bench Is Made from Trashed Textiles

This bench, which looks something like a Jackson Pollock painting, is actually made up of shredded, unused textiles, leftover from the industrial production of carpets. Called the Plof, the bench, featured on the Outdoorz Gallery, is the work of Atelier Belge.

Designed by Oskar Vermeylen, Vincent Wellemtn, Yves Verhaegen and Pim van Eijck, the Plof is upholstered with transparent polyethylene plastic. Because a new batch of colorful textiles is shredded for each bench, every version of the Plof is unique.

It's a great way to put perfectly good materials to use rather than let them go into the trash. It's a surefire conversation starter as well. Best of all, it looks a lot more comfortable than your average bench- and less politically charged than the libertarian design we featured a while back.

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