Cocoon Branding Presents Oi


Winnipeg-based Cocoon Branding is a multidisciplinary design firm that focuses on bold brand concepts and innovations. They recently launched Oi, an ultra-modular seating chair that will delight any Tetris fan, and the world is taking notice; it made a big splash at ICFF a couple weeks back and is one of the more interesting chair/sofa/seating arrangements we've seen lately. Made up of bar and L-shaped seating components, glass surfaces, its linking base can expand and minimize to accommodate any space. The seating components slip snugly onto the base and create flat surfaces, extensions, backrests and armrests. The entire system compacts neatly to save space for shipping and storage, as opposed to traditional sofas and chairs must be transported and stored as one entire piece. Cocoon also put eco-concerns near the top of its list, utilizing materials such as recyclable aluminum and steel, recycled/recyclable plastic and recycled/recyclable glass. Design and sustainability together? Oi! ::Cocoon Branding via ::Hugg