Clock watching? - Normal clocks


Are you bored at work, stuck in a waiting room, or just hanging out watching the minutes tick by? Well these gorgeous objects give new meaning to the phrase ‘clock watching’. These clocks might be designed by the lovely eco-minded folk at Normal, but we think they are quite out of the ordinary as far as telling the time goes. These two bright and funky forms would do wonders to brighten up anyone’s waiting time. The Square Daisy is made from sustainably harvested carbonized Bamboo ply with formaldehyde-free, low VOC satin finish and the Juice Clock is made from reclaimed and recycled HDPE, which is pressed from colourful post-consumer detergent bottles.Apart from the great use of sustainable materials, we particularly like the clocks’ organic shapes which are beautifully decorative, but are clearly designed to enable you to tell the time.
Normal are just the sort of design company that Treehugger loves to feature. They are busy designing and making beautifully simple and elegant contemporary products with a funky twist. They work from sound ecological principals and are continually investigating and experimenting with materials and processes which work to lower a product’s overall environmental impact. We’ve already posted on their recycled rubber tire ‘Thrash Can’ and watch out for their up coming series of high density plastic products. While we think Normal’s products are little bit more special than normal, we’re always hoping that thoughtful product design like this will become the norm. ::Normal
[Leonora & Petz]