Clever Design's SwissAir-Boy Storage

You may not have thought about it, but airplanes are built to take a lot of abuse. Sure, they're light and "aluminiumy" enough to fly, but when you think about the daily pounding that 6-8 flights, landings, loadings and unloadings must do to them, it's a wonder they hold together at all. In the end, though, their parts do wear out, and must be replaced for safety's sake. Clever's design team has taken this as an opportunity for some... well, clever products...The SwissAir-boy line of rolling storage is nearly exactly the same as you might find peanuts and sodas being served from on one of their flights. Clever's designers have partnered with Swissair to receive the food trolleys which are no longer fit for service due to wear. After some sprucing up, and repairs of wheels and hinges, the carts are customized inside for a more useful layout, and sold in boutique stores around Europe. Each cart is truly unique, as Clever only gets a few in each year. Prices (converted from Swiss Francs) are around $1000 US for the big guys, and $350 for the smaller ones.
:: SwissAir-Boy Storage Containers [by DM]