Cholesterol Lighting: Old Made New


Cholesterol is a clever new light designed by Shoko Cesar, Greg Ball, and Darryl Barton. Made from reused clear plastic egg cartons, the design debuted at the THAW 2006 show, which just wrapped up earlier this week. Say the designers, "North America's rich and over-indulgent culture generates millions of tons of waste that flow into the landfill every year. Cholesterol lighting helps to block the flow of waste by adding beauty to our devalued waste products. By reusing material that is on its way to the landfill, Cholesterol adds aesthetic value to a disposable material and asks the user to reconsider: what materials are disposable, and what materials can be reused for their aesthetic value." For the first time this year, all THAW entrants had to incorporate sustainability into their forward-looking designs. ::IDEA via ::MoCo Loco