Chandeliers Go Modern and Green

chande%20madeline.jpg Chandeliers make a wonderful focal point for a room. Although we usually think of them as being more suitable for a hotel lobby or ballroom, there are some very funky ones being made, using recycled bits and pieces.

Madeleine Boulesteix makes hers out of vintage tea cups (pictured). She incorporates old kitchen utensils, jello moulds and cookie cutters into the structure. She says "I liberate them from their domestic duties by incorporating them in my chandeliers". She likes the idea of making something quite opulent out of humble objects.

Winnie Lui makes hers from found objects too: buttons, gloves, piping and figurines. Hers are less traditional looking; she likes to do them in either black or white. The composition is very complex and sophisticated and they would be at home in a chic bar or stylish apartment. kim%20songhe.jpg

In contrast, Kim Songhe's lights are childlike and naif, almost little girlish. This comes from the use of old dolls and toys and stuffed animals that she incorporates into her work. Most of her work is hand crafted, using natural and recycled materials. She says that she wants to "bring new life to objects that were almost dying". :: Evening Standard

Tags: Vintage


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