Chandelier from Banana Boxes by Anneke Jakobs

chiquita chandelier photo

Some say that bananas are going extinct, in which case Anneke Jakobs' chandelier made from Chiquita cases might become quite a collectors item. She made it while she was in school (and is probably sick to death of bananas), but you can download the plans and make it yourself, if you ask the artist for the plans.

chiquita chandelier detail photo

Apartment Therapy put it so well: "While this might not suit everyones' tastes, this project still serves as inspiration for using your creative DIY skills and making something mundane into something beautiful for your home." -and those cardboard boxes are certainly no longer mundane.

Jakobs designed this in 2003 before the advent of compact fluorescents, which make it far less of a fire hazard. Visit ::AnnekeJakobs
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