Carlo Rossi's Jug Simple Furniture


Answering the question "What could be better than getting together with friends and enjoying a jug or two of wine?", Carlo Rossi's jug furniture is kind of a fun way to recycle some old bottles and jugs into something a little more usable (after the vessels are done holding wine, of course). Definitely on the lighter side of what usually graces the pages here, we like the collection for its DIY spirit and unusual functionality. We know you can make speakers from old whiskey barrels, but who would've guessed that wine jugs work, too? Also on the list are the "Chardonnay Chandelier" (but you can use any kind you want), as well as the aforementioned Sangria Sound System and Burgundy Bookshelf. The best part: each comes with building plans (and some have videos) so you can make your own at home. All it takes is a few empty jugs, an open mind and a little vision. ::Carlo Rossi's Jug Simple Furniture via ::Digg