California Closets Goes Green(ish)


California Closets, the "leading designer of home storage solutions" (i.e. "really big fancy closets") is now offering products made with eco-friendly SkyBlend particleboard. SkyBlend is a Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) certified, 100% pre-consumer recycled wood fiber particleboard that has no urea formaldehyde added during the manufacturing process. According to Anthony Vidergauz, president and CEO; "California Closets' adoption of SkyBlend panels is 100% the result of our clients requests for more eco-friendly products." Huh. Isn't that interesting? People with tons and tons of stuff, so much stuff in fact, that they need to build special closets to hold their stuff would like said closets to be a little easier on the planet. I know, I know - snark alert. But it is funny... isn't it?