BYO Lunchbag: Later Paper

Lets join in a round of chanting the Treehugger mantra: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Reuse... Come on, you know we love it when things don't get thrown away. And even if those brown paper bags you're toting your lunch around in are 100% post consumer, they're still getting tossed. So kick the habit, and look slick to boot, with this flashy little buy from BuiltNY. Made from fabric-bonded neoprene, it's durable, and sure to keep your lunch well protected, and warm or cold depending on your mood. They accommodate a variety of food containers, and zip open to form a placemat, or roll up for storage. Best of all, they'll only set you back 20 bucks, which should leave some money for lunchmeat.
:: BYO Lunchbag [by DM]